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Takao Kasahara

20/12/2012 19:240 comentariosVistas: 225


Finance, Human Resources, Kanban Implementation, Lean ERP, Procurement, Production Control, Pull Systems, Quality Systems, Supplier Development, Supply Chain, TPM, Training, VSM Training

Industry experience

Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Biotechnology, Building Materials, Cosmetics, Consumer Products, Electronics and Telecom, Finance, Heavy Equipment, Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Retail / Distribution, Semiconductor, Transportation

Management positions

Managing Director of Streamline Strategy Japan at Streamline Strategy Japan, Inc.

Services offered

Phone Consultation, Virtual Lean Coaching, On-Site Private Visit

LeanDNA Certification

Lean Procurement, Lean Deployment, Kanban Execution, Pull System Execution


Takao Kasahara is Managing Director of Streamline Strategy Japan. He is an internationally recognized expert in lean manufacturing implementation and strategy. Prior to founding SSJ, Mr. Kasahara was Managing Director and a partner in Management Technology Japan for 17 years where he worked in industries including automotive, auto parts suppliers, heavy machinery, consumer goods, electronics, medical, and others. In addition to consulting for companies worldwide, Mr. Kasahara currently teaches manufacturing and information technology courses at Wasada University.

Prior to joining MTJ, Mr. Kasahara worked with Toyo engineering for 12 years, where his responsibilities included overall design and construction of major manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Mr. Kasahara also served as a Director of CTC Engineering, a software design and engineering firm that focuses on process and control systems for manufacturing.